Tips for Throwing a Nice Child’s Birthday Party on a Budget

Though most parents think that they need to go overboard with their children's birthday parties, the truth is that most children are just happy that you have friends over for their birthday. If you are careful, you can save money while still giving your child a party to remember!

Here are some tips for throwing a nice birthday party for your children on a budget.

Don't invite everyone.

Most schools have a policy where you have to invite the whole class to your children's birthday parties (or at least every one of the same sex). Most times that will go right over your budget so you should only invite children that your child likes to spend time with. If you know their mothers or fathers, you can invite only a few of your children's closest friends instead of worrying about the whole class.

Have it at your home.

It doesn't cost anything to host a party in your own home. If it is nice outside, you can have it in your backyard. If not, you might be able to fit everyone inside. Though this doesn't work for everyone, it can be nice when you can have it at your own home.

Don't overlook places that throw parties for children.

Though you may think Chuck E Cheese is quite expensive for a party, the truth is that some places offer a great deal for partygoers. Besides not having to worry about setting up and cleaning up, some even offer food, cake, and goodie bags. It might be cheaper for you to have a paint party for your child than to try to do the same thing at your home.

If that isn't feasible, you may want to rent a pavilion at your local park.

Though you may want to save money by not renting the pavilion, you don't want to show up with your party supplies only to find a bunch of people are already having a party there.

In the winter, you can rent out a local fire hall, VFW, or another gathering place.

This allows you to have plenty of room for your gathering. You can set up games or just let your children get out some pent-up energy.

Make the cake or cupcakes yourself.

The cake can be very important at a birthday party, so many parents have it made for them. There are many little bakeries that offer one of a kind birthday cakes. However, if you truly want to save money, you should make your own (from scratch).

Worried that it won't taste good at all? It is more affordable to buy a birthday cake from your local grocery store. They often have delicious cakes that are much cheaper than little bakeries.

Be careful with party favors.

Though children love to see party bags filled with cheap toys that don't last, you could find a way to make something better. You may want to make cookies and let the children decorate them before they take them home. At a painting party, they can take home their design. At a Nerf party, they may get a cheap gun and a few bullets to take home with them.

Before you even start to plan a party, you need to know how much you can comfortably spend. Only then can you determine what you are going to put toward food, drinks, and décor. Don't ever be afraid to let your guests help. Many feel inclined to bring food or drinks so, when they offer, you should ask them for things that you actually want and need at your party. By doing so, you will be able to use that money to spend on other things.

Though you may think that there is no way that you can throw your child a wonderful party on a budget, that couldn't be further from the truth. You might even be surprised at some of the places that offer children's parties. Until you account how much you are going to spend on food, party favors, and a location, it might be the cheapest option.

If that is going to cost too much, you might want to host it at your own home or a local park. In the winter, you might be able to get a deal on a local fire hall so you can invite as many people as you want, without worrying about whether or not everyone will fit!