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Truman Advisors Blog


Victor N
Sparkill, NY
After my accident, everything seemed out of control. I didn’t know how to start. My medical expenses were through the roof, and I was charging everything because I had no emergency savings. I was at a low point. When I received the mail offer from Truman Advisors, I felt like it was a sign to get my act together. Thank goodness I acted. Now, not only am I fully recovered but my finances are too.
Emma R
Alpharetta, GA
My divorce wiped me out. Completely. I had to get a new place to live, furnish it, and get a new car. Nothing I had ever done on my own before. I went into serious debt and I couldn’t foresee a way out. Truman Advisors talked me through my issues, laid out a solid plan, and set me up to succeed.